About A Place of Healing

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About Randy Jensen:

I am a father of six beautiful children, and husband to an amazing and beautiful woman.Randy Jensen

The youngest child of a large family, I experienced the beauties of a rural upbringing with parents who truly loved me and siblings I looked up to.

And yet I experienced severe depression and self-doubt throughout a significant portion of my life, often feeling either on the outside of my life not able to get in, or feeling stuck and not able to get out of an invisible prison.

Even though I am the grateful recipient of traditional professional counseling and psychotherapy, not until I came face to face with some of the emotionally practical benefits of energy therapy did the real and permanent possibility of joy enter in for me.

While still choosing to struggle with depression, I began practicing chi energy cultivation as a personal exercise almost 30 years ago. I seemed rather capable of cultivating chi energy. I thought that there was something philosophically and spiritually profound about it, and I was similarly familiar with meditation techniques and visualization methods. The real magic really got under way as I considered the possibility that every thought I projected and every attitude I held was my choice to make. Thus I began in earnest hope to create a better life.

My experiences in professional education, sales, and corporate facilitation and training are other tools that give me additional insights by which to help others find true joy and fulfillment in living. I believe we exist to joyfully create. May we all rejoice in our creative journeys. Welcome to a place of healing!

We offer individual private sessions to help you free yourself from limiting beliefs and behaviors, and we offer weekly workshops and monthly classes to help you explore your discoveries with others who welcome you and your contributions.  Come to learn, and come to share.  A Place of Healing welcomes you!