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Sessions are 50 min long and can be purchased using the link below. Please contact me by email so we can schedule an appointment time. I can do sessions in person in my office or by phone or email.

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I also offer classes and workshops locally. Please see the Workshops page for details. 



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Individual 1 Session (50 min) $100
Individual 1 Session (80 min) $150

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10 1-Hour Sessions




Package of 18 Session Hours

18 1-Hour Sessions (Full Program) Best Value!



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Satisfied Clients:

When I met Randy I was really in a lot of pain emotionally and saw no way this pain could ever be less. I decided to schedule a phone session at the urging of a dear friend who is a physician who had also worked with Randy on a personal level. I thought ‘I will try anything’ and to my surprise I have been able to clear negative energy within me that had kept me in pain.

Randy Jensen is keenly perceptive, spiritual and divinely blessed by God with gifts of healing. I can honestly say with great enthusiasm I am totally at peace in my life and I am experiencing freedom from negative painful emotions and the bondage of food due to the work I have done with Randy. I am now emitting positive energy in many areas of my life and well as receiving positive energy into many areas of my life.

I know I will experience further pain and struggles in my life, but I am now better equipped to deal with life on life’s terms. Thanks to Randy exercising the gifts, God has blessed him with; I now know: I always have choices; I am responsible for my happiness; God is in control of my life; I can access a support system of friends to reason out any situation that arises. Other benefits I have received through my work with Randy Jensen are: Better health, 13 pounds gone in 20 days Acceptance of “what is” in my life Healed from back pain. An energy shift from negative to positive; it has made all the difference in the world. Released by my doctor from taking medicine for depression and anxiety. Released by doctor from professional counseling. Joy and peace as never before in my life. I hope you will allow Randy Jensen to help you clear negative energy paths, thus helping you to release pain and experience relief, peace, and joy in your life.

--Toni C. Bolderson, M.A.; P.H.R.

When I first (reluctantly) sought Randy's help, I was entirely crushed in spirit, all hope lost, convinced that my work as a physician to the dying was ended forever.  I had lost all I  valued, suddenly, inexplicably, and without justice: my life's work, my husband and family, my possession, my reputation, and worst of all, my identity.  Counseling and treatments by the best licensed therapists and psychiatrists did  little to help.  Reluctantly, I had sought other "alternative" therapies, to no avail. I came to believe that I would always be wounded, that there would never be  healing for me.  I am a traditional physician.  I do not believe in alternative therapies  unless there is supportive data. Nevertheless, even a skeptic can be helped by Randy's work.  During our first  session, I was amazed at his intuition, his ability to grasp the what and why of my sorrow after just a few words, and to speak the truthful answers which were the "antidote." Even more astonishing to me was the rapidity of emotional healing: long-held  hurts diminished, often within a few minutes. Perhaps I still have my reservations regarding much of energy work, but I know  that Randy's work has touched me profoundly, when nothing else could.   I am simply describing my own experience.  While making no specific "recommendations" I say to those of us who believe their condition is beyond hope, surely working with Randy is worth a try.   — AE, physician

Having suffered for years with the multi-faceted symptoms of PTSD, emotional issues and health problems, I have FINALLY found relief with Randy's compassionate and gentle EFT. approach.  I had tried researching PTSD on my own, only to find that it is generally believed there is no way to truly overcome it entirely.  Therapy had not resolved the flashbacks or emotional issues that had been part of my life for 30 years.  Medications to mask symptoms were not a route I wanted to take; I wanted true healing, so I kept looking. It didn't seem logical to me that there was no solution, only one that had not yet presented itself.  The solution came when I was led to Randy. 

I first met Randy when, after discovering EFT through a book, I took his training course.  He was, and continues to be, an excellent teacher.  Even though I now know how to help others with EFT, I continue to come to Randy for my own healing because he is able to help me surface the deeper issues with kindness, empathy and amazing intuition and insight.  Not only has he helped me with emotional healing, but physical healing as well.  He has been able to help pains dissipate faster than any pain pill could ever do (with no negative side effects!).  He is able to help his clients find and heal the emotional route causes to their physical ailments, which then helps them to recover.  My emotional and physical health has never been better!  Others have not only noticed the improvements in my emotional and physical state, they have decided to have sessions with Randy themselves so they can also experience relief from their own symptom--something they have all been able to succeed at with Randy's help.

If you have unresolved sadness, anger, love-pain, guilt, worry, grief, frustrations, fears, insecurities, hurts, phobias, anxiety, depression, health issues or traumas, I believe Randy can help you.  You can spend a lot of money talking about your issues, but this truly releases them from every part of your being, which will leave you feeling lighter, more peaceful and joyful at long last!  Randy has been given a gift, and he is worth every penny!  -- AW

Randy Jensen practices energy healing--healing of the soul as well as the body. Particular techniques that Randy uses are Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Rapid Eye Technology (RET), as well as others.

I have suffered depression my whole adult life along with other issues. After working with Randy for about six months, I rarely feel depressed. Also, I am resolving other emotional and physical problems.

Randy listens extremely well and understands where you, the client, are and what needs to be done.

I highly recommend Randy Jensen to anyone who desires to progress in life.

--Wayne Larsen, Provo

I have been seeing Randy for several weeks now. I am impressed with his gentle and insightful ways. He creates a comfortable environment where I am able to freely express my emotions and the results have surpassed my expectations. Things that I have been struggling with for many years seem to fade away. I plan on continuing my work with him to free myself from destructive patterns and to create new patterns that will enrich my life. I recommend his services to everyone. — dk

I had been in bed for almost a week unable to be up for more than minutes at a time. My head woukd start to hurt a lot if I was up and parts of my face would tingle. I would also feel sick. My husband knew Randy and asked me if I would like to have some energy work done on me by Randy. I had worked with some other people that had done some energy work and knew it would help. After only one one hour session with Randy I was able to be up for hours at a time and able to actually do some house work. I was not able to do that before. Thank you, Randy!  — ka

Randy Jensen is a former student of both my Approved Level 1 and Level 2 EFT Workshops. Randy showed great enthusiasm and apptitude for EFT, and I was impressed with his great spirit and genuine desire to reach out and help people. His comments during his training showed deep insight, and I really felt like he was going to be successful in helping people. Even at the beginning stages of EFT he achieved measurable results in workshop exercises. I highly recommend him as an EFT practitioner. — Arden Compton, M.S, EFT-ADV

Randy Jensen We offer individual private sessions to help you free yourself from limiting beliefs and behaviors, and we offer weekly workshops and monthly classes to help you explore your discoveries with others who welcome you and your contributions.  Come to learn, and come to share.  A Place of Healing welcomes you!