Tuesday Tai Chi & Meditation

Tai Chi & Meditation is currently on hold, and may be offered again later this spring. These two ancient methods are revered the world over.  They help us to quiet our minds and connect with peace.  We discover how very connected, and how very loved we are.

Tai Chi is a slow-moving and graceful form of martial arts with many variations.  It is appropriate for people of all ages and physical abilities, whether standing or sitting.  Tai Chi has existed and been practiced for thousands of years, and is an excellent way to achieve and maintain agility, grace, and balance.

It helps us to exercise both our over-all physical body, and our limbic system.  Our limbic system resides in our brain, and includes our hypothalamus.  It is our limbic system that links our emotional condition with our endocrine and hormonal system.

Tai Chi also helps us to cultivate Chi—or life force energy-- within and around us.  There is so much more to us and to our world than meets the physical eye and ear.  Discover for yourself a wondrous sense of accomplishment and awareness as you learn and practice meditation in motion through Tai Chi.

When Tai Chi is again offered, each class will end with a brief meditation exercise while sitting, followed by any announcements related to A Place of Healing.